book dwellings

book dwellings

This book is published on the occasion of the exhibition of Matej Krén's Passage, hosted initially by the City Gallery of Bratislava and now by Museum Kampa in Prague, and next year it will transfer to the Brno House of Arts. Its title comes from a text by Daniela Hodrová that examines on a more general level various aspects of the accumulating and interpenetrating of experiences, thoughts and ideas, and the constant transforming of reality over time. That principle lies close to the work of Matej Krén, based on the character of the places where he makes his objects. To build them he always uses books acquired at the given setting in order to address viewers whose imagination is linked to memories associated with various periods of their lives.

Jiří Fiala discusses other aspects of Krén's work in his essay The Legibility of the World, devoted to the theme of the "reading" of the reality that surrounds us, and art, which becomes its mirror, or helps us to grasp complex interrelations. His erudite study touches on many areas, from an account of certain concepts to the natural sciences and technological innovations.

The text by Jiří Machalický entitled Places, Events, Times is a meditation and a factual account of Krén's art to date, giving the reader an idea of the artist's development.

The title of the final essay by Ivan Jančár, Illusion and Reality, captures the essence of the artist's work, which often blurs the boundary between idea and reality.

These four texts are separated by blocks of colour reproductions of Krén's installations and projects, covering his most important works from the nineteen-eighties to the present, and outlining the various fields of his work. The English translations are by Adrian Dean and Barbora Davidson, the graphic design is by Lubomír Šedivý, and the book was printed by Borgis in Bratislava. It will be on sale during the exhibitions. JM